WTA Features In The Sunday Express

A while back we were contacted by a reporter for the Sunday Express Magazine asking us for information on appliance in general and how they lasted. Of course the angle was that modern appliances are not lasting as long as older ones and, often, not performing as well either.

Of course we helped as much as we could and gave as much information as possible to help with the story. 

What has been realised by many people outside the industry as well as within it now is that cheap prices mean cheap products that are often found to be of poorer quality than their elderly relatives. Often that parallel that is drawn is that twenty years ago a 1000 spin washer cost about £350-400 and today, with twenty years inflation, you can buy a much higher specification washing machine for a lot less but that doesn't mean it's better. In fact, far from it, it's usually a lot worse in terms of build and quality. 

The full article can be downloaded using this link